My way to handle money format input in Laravel

Common usage of website is to handle data about finance, which is the most data is money and it has a format. In Indonesia for example the format is like Rp1.500.000,00. The problem is with default HTML input, it can’t show format like that by default. So how to handle it? At least here’s my may to do that in Laravel based website.

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DataTables tips using Laravel

Datatable is a useful plugin for displaying data to table in more advance way. It provide search, filter, pagination, and sorting from the beginning you use it. But you usually don’t need all of the feature, or want to display button in the table, etc. Now I wanna share some tips in using datatable with Laravel.

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My favorite Laravel’s Blade Tricks

Beside the ability to make inheritance template using @extends@section, and @yield, Laravel also let us to write html with any condition that we desire according to our application. Here are some of my favorite Laravel’s blade trick to make the development process faster and easier.

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