Is website still relevant?

Social media is known for being one of the fastest way to established a digital presence, and its ability to connect with the customers, the usefulness of having a website is a questioned. Why should you pay for building a website when you can make a Facebook page or Instagram account in an evening?

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Can you live without smartphone for at least a week?

Smartphone has transform to become a device that help our daily life. Beside its core function as a communication tool, it can do a lot more to help things done. Even now we can make a transaction that involved money just through a smartphone. But, can you live without it?

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Kindle has changed my reading habits

Reading on a physical book and reading on a kindle give different experience. Those two things feel different when open the next page, highlights the text, holding it while reading, and so on. On this post, I wanna share with you what experiences that kindle will give to me compared to physical book.

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The benefit of applied minimalism into your life

I’m not calling myself a true minimalist, but for the past 2 years I applied minimalism concept into my life. For me, minimalism is about thinking, doing, and having essential meaningful things in life. This minimalism concept is not for everyone. You can’t choose or force yourself to applied any principe in your life. But you can try it, and if you feel enjoy while try it you can continue or stop when you feel uncomfortable. Minimalism is not mean that throw away everything you have and starve, or must have aesthetic things or decoration in your room, not that extreme. But it brings some benefits on my life.

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Choosing iCloud or Google Photos as a backup platform

Photos and videos are our digital history today, our memory, our moments that maybe never can repeated again. From the day when digital camera exist, we have the habits to record almost every moment in our live, birthday party, holiday, family, friends, colleges. And until today with a phone with our pocket that has good camera, the habits to record moments are more intense. But the more we record, our phone’s storage will be full soon and we need to backup our photos & videos somewhere. I also faced this problems and what I know is there are two easy, seamless, online media backup option right now. Google photos and Apple iCloud.

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Health challenges of working with laptops and how to deal with them

Nowadays, almost every working vibe around the world have similar view like image above. A person sit down with laptop and next chair fill with other person also with laptop. Working anything they working at, web developing, product designing, replying emails, calculate transactions, zooming call, etc. I’m also doing this almost everyday while working, maybe you too? But do you know that spending too many hours sitting is dangerous to our health?

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Why I move my blog from to wordpress

Since I was on high school, I wanted to start writing a blog, I started a blog on blogger platform that just randomly write about anything I could think of and sometimes when I kinda lazy to write I copy the content from other blog (that was bad, don’t do that guys). Sadly my blog didn’t workout so I closed my blogger account. Fast forward to last year, when I started my professional career I’m thinking why didn’t I start to write a blog again but this time instead just copying, I share my career stuffs?

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