Protect your form against spam bots

I was in the middle of embedding a third-party form on the website. The form snippet is just like the usual HTML form and the website is built using Next.js. At first, I thought it’s working well, fill the fields and submit it. But my team was told that we received various weird submissions with wrong data has filled in that causing system error, and we suggested that they were submitted by bots. How did we manage to solve it?

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Web 3.0 and its potential

There’s new term on internet world that bring back the ideas of decentralization concept to run data. Today’s websites and applications that we use mostly are “owned” by big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., even banks. They collected our data and can use it for their benefit (and we agreed when you clicked that box).

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I do a minor redesign to my blog, here’s why

Since I move my blog from to wordpress 6 months ago (read more about this), I do the research and trial to make the design simple yet convenience for everyone to visit and read my posts. Let me tell more about it.

Choosing the theme

The first thing I did before I built my blog on wordpress is choosing themes. I know, I can have exactly how the design I desired to be by making it from scratch but I want to give it a try to thousands wordpress themes out there that might be suitable for my needs and also to save more time to built it.

For blogging only sites, actually it doesn’t need a fancy features-rich kinda themes because the main goals is to make sure my viewers or readers have convenience to read my posts and my thoughts reach them well.

Seedlet theme

Finally this Seedlet theme catches my attention. I activate it and use it default settings for a while, until I feel that this still a bit too much.

What I wanna change, and why I wanna change that

I want my visitor able to see my posts more on a single screen at the home page. Current themes can’t provide it well, it has a big image thumbnail taking up space on screen especially on mobile screen. Take a look this one:

before the redesign

To see a glance of current posts, visitors need to do couple of scrolls which I think not convenience considering more time it need to scroll through the posts. So I need to change it more simple so in one screen, it can contain more posts with thumbnail, title, and short of its description. If the visitor interested to read more, they always can tap on it. Now take a look at this:

after the redesign

See the differences? It more simple, to the point, and visitor can read more posts title at a glance. I also remove the author, date, category, tag, and Leave a comment word from home page to lead visitor to click the post and read the complete post instead of just read it on the homepage. Now see the differences on desktop mode:

before the redesign (desktop mode)
after the redesign (desktop mode)

On desktop mode, the differences are more obvious, more posts can showed in one page. And now it has pagination with number to give visitor ideas on which page now they are looking at. All of this are able to achieve by using Blog Designer For Elementor plugin (click here to visit).

Blog Designer For Elementor Plugin

This plugin is using elementor so if you want to use this plugin, make sure you already install elementor also. Using this plugin is pretty straightforward. You only need to make new page to be your home page, edit with elementor, and add the “Post Layouts” component which you can find under Blog Designer section in Elementor.

Using Blog Designer in elementor (ignore the messy preview, always check on new tab)

Once you added the Post Layouts, you can set however you want your posts shown via the Content tab on the left.

Content tab settings

And the last, on your dashboard go to Settings -> Reading and choose your homepage displays to a static page and select the page that you have edited before. Voila!

Thanks for reading until the end. Hope you have more convenience experience to read my future posts after this minor redesign. Please reach me on anywhere.

What it is like to work as a software quality assurance?

I’ve been working as a software quality assurance in igloocompany, a smart lock company, for more than 1 year now. I was not really familiar of the title before but I interested in the ecosystem of the smart locks

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My learning experience with ExpressJS and Mongoose

Last year, I got an offer to join my friend in a company as backend developer. This position actually interesting yet challenging for me because they combine Laravel and JavaScript as the backend logic (ExpressJS and Mongoose). As I never develop production service using JavaScript, I challenge myself to accept the offer and commit to learn the framework.

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My way to handle money format input in Laravel

Common usage of website is to handle data about finance, which is the most data is money and it has a format. In Indonesia for example the format is like Rp1.500.000,00. The problem is with default HTML input, it can’t show format like that by default. So how to handle it? At least here’s my may to do that in Laravel based website.

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DataTables tips using Laravel

Datatable is a useful plugin for displaying data to table in more advance way. It provide search, filter, pagination, and sorting from the beginning you use it. But you usually don’t need all of the feature, or want to display button in the table, etc. Now I wanna share some tips in using datatable with Laravel.

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CSS position fixed vs sticky

CSS position: fixed helped me a lot when I want to make an element inside a web to stay when user scrolling the page. But in some cases, maybe I want that element still scroll along like others but can stay in place when I want it to stay. That’s position: sticky will helpful.

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