Choosing iCloud or Google Photos as a backup platform

person taking photo of woman
illustration of taking picture with smartphone (credit)

Photos and videos are our digital history today, our memory, our moments that maybe never can repeated again. From the day when digital camera exist, we have the habits to record almost every moment in our live, birthday party, holiday, family, friends, colleges. And until today with a phone with our pocket that has good camera, the habits to record moments are more intense. But the more we record, our phone’s storage will be full soon and we need to backup our photos & videos somewhere. I also faced this problems and what I know is there are two easy, seamless, online media backup option right now. Google photos and Apple iCloud.

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Health challenges of working with laptops and how to deal with them

selective focus photography of woman and man using MacBook Pro on table
working with laptops (credit)

Nowadays, almost every working vibe around the world have similar view like image above. A person sit down with laptop and next chair fill with other person also with laptop. Working anything they working at, web developing, product designing, replying emails, calculate transactions, zooming call, etc. I’m also doing this almost everyday while working, maybe you too? But do you know that spending too many hours sitting is dangerous to our health?

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Why I move my blog from to wordpress

Since I was on high school, I wanted to start writing a blog, I started a blog on blogger platform that just randomly write about anything I could think of and sometimes when I kinda lazy to write I copy the content from other blog (that was bad, don’t do that guys). Sadly my blog didn’t workout so I closed my blogger account. Fast forward to last year, when I started my professional career I’m thinking why didn’t I start to write a blog again but this time instead just copying, I share my career stuffs?

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My learning experience with ExpressJS and Mongoose

Cover image for My learning experience with ExpressJS and Mongoose

Last year, I got an offer to join my friend in a company as backend developer. This position actually interesting yet challenging for me because they combine Laravel and JavaScript as the backend logic (ExpressJS and Mongoose). As I never develop production service using JavaScript, I challenge myself to accept the offer and commit to learn the framework.

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My way to handle money format input in Laravel

Cover image for My way to handle money format input in Laravel

Common usage of website is to handle data about finance, which is the most data is money and it has a format. In Indonesia for example the format is like Rp1.500.000,00. The problem is with default HTML input, it can’t show format like that by default. So how to handle it? At least here’s my may to do that in Laravel based website.

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