Protect your form against spam bots

I was in the middle of embedding a third-party form on the website.

Web 3.0 and its potential

There’s new term on internet world that bring back the ideas of

I do a minor redesign to my blog, here’s why

Since I move my blog from to wordpress 6 months ago (read more


Let’s compare JSX with HTML

A web page is made of HTML as its structure, stands for Hypertext


Trying out pomodoro technique

On the days of working from home, I was experimenting to find methods

Is website still relevant?

Social media is known for being one of the fastest way to established

Can you live without smartphone for at least a week?

Smartphone has transform to become a device that help our daily life.

Kindle has changed my reading habits

Reading on a physical book and reading on a kindle give different

How to design a simple login page on Figma

Login or sign in page is a page that you will see before you enter

The benefit of applied minimalism into your life

I’m not calling myself a true minimalist, but for the past 2